A Battle Between Buddies: Junior B at the Maxville HS.

This past saturday at round one of the 2014-2015 FTR Harescramble series Jake Alsup took home the Junior B win by over five minutes. The real battle was happening behind him as Beau Smith, Anthony Depietto, and Jack Langford battled for the number two spot. Beau, Anthony, and Jack are not only competitors but good buddies off the track. The three are all a part of the Palm Beach Track and Trail Riders club and Beau and Jack even attend the same school. While battling with your buddies is fun, it also turns out to be very competitive. Nobody likes to lose but losing to your friend makes it even worse. Jack held second place until the last lap when he admitted to hitting a wall and suffering from a leg cramp. Anthony was right behind Jack until about midway when he started to fade, Beau was the benefactor in all this as he held his pace and was able to take home second place. Let’s hear from the riders.

Beau Smith, Junior B 2nd Place 

Photo Courtesy of FTR Race Pics/Tyler Miller

Photo by FTR Race Pics/Tyler Miller

FLDB: How’d your weekend go Beau?

BS: Pretty good overall practice went really good, I was still braking in my motor so I was taking it really easy checking out lines and stuff. When the time came to go to the line it was extremely hot, hottest race I’ve ever raced in. On the start I missed my kicker so I was really far back in the pack for about a lap then most of the people in my class dropped like flies. This race really tested your physical ability and endurance and the work that I put in finally paid off when I got a second place. I was pretty happy with my finish but i know i could have rode a little better, but that’s all in my head.

FLDB: For awhile it was Jack, Anthony, and then yourself running 2-3-4. You guys were all pushing each other, how was that riding with your friends?

BS: It’s always fun having that competition with your friends, it makes the race even more fun. I am super excited to race them in the upcoming season. 

FLDB: You guys all looked good but then the heat really set in. Anthony told me that he was exhausted and Jack start dot cramp up. You kept going strong and ended up in second place. You must have done your work over summer. 

BS: Yeah I’ve been doing a lot of road cycling and watching what I eat. I am starting to get more serious about racing.

FLDB: That is good to hear and it seems like it paid off. You mentioned the heat being a huge factor. The hottest it got on Saturday was 117 degrees with the heat index. When you get into the triple digits it starts to become very dangerous for the riders. Do you think FTR should look into starting the season a month or two later to avoid the heat?

BS: I think it would be more enjoyable for the guys who are out there to just ride and have fun. In a way it’s fun for me because it tests who’s been training and who’s been lazy. A lot of people think they can sit on the couch all week and expect to come out and run for almost two hours but that is not the case. In the heat you can tell who wants it more.

FLDB: That is very true. Who would you like to thank?

BS: I’d like to thank my parents for everything they do for me. Without them none of this would be possible and I would be nowhere without them. I have to give a big shootout to the Rash family, they have taught me a lot about motocross and help me out in any way possible. Palmetto Motorsports, Smith Optics, MSR. Stoked Entertainment, and Floridadirtbike.net thank you as well. 

FLDB: Thank you for your time and good luck to you for the rest of the season. 

BS: Thank you.

Anthony DePietto, 3rd Place Junior B   

Photo by FTR Race Pics/Tyler Miller

Photo by FTR Race Pics/Tyler Miller

FLDB: How did your race go Anthony?

AD: I did a lot better than I originally thought. The heat was a real problem after the first lap for me, after that I just tried to keep it on two wheels and finish. I ended up third, a lot better than i thought I thought I was going to do. Now I know what I need to work on and put in some hard training for the next rounds. 

FLDB: For a while it was Jack, yourself, and Beau running 2-3-4. How was it being up front with your buds?

AD: It was definitely fun! After a couple laps we began to space out from each other and it became a race against myself.

FLDB: I bet that keeps you pushing when you see your friend trying to get around you.

AD: For sure, nobody wants to get beat by their friend.

FLDB: I noticed you weren’t running some type of hydration system, what was the deal with that?

AD: I normally don’t run a camelback, I haven’t in a while. It definitely cost me this race, I regret not wearing one. I’m definitely going to use it at the warmer races now.

FLDB: So you have a top 3 under your belt now. What is the goal for the rest of the year?

AD: My goal is to stay healthy and keep getting solid finishes all year. I haven’t had a nice consistent season in a long time. 

FLDB: Well Anthony who would you like to thank?

AD: Obviously I want to thank my mom and dad for everything they do for me to race another year. I also want to thank Beau and Jack for the competition, I couldn’t ask for better competitors. 

FLDB: Thank you for your time!

Jack Langford, 8th Place Junior B  

Photo by FTR Race Pics/Tyler Miller

Photo by FTR Race Pics/Tyler Miller

FLDB: How was your weekend Jack?

JL: My weekend was good, my race was not so good however. I overheated and was unable to finish my last two laps.

FLDB: You were riding great, you started to get a little gap on Anthony and Beau and you looked strong. That heat was insane however, you pulled off with a leg cramp correct?

JL: Yeah my cramps were really bad and they would not go away. I wasn’t fit enough for the heat to be honest but it was a good thing because now I know I have the speed to be up front I just need to do some more cardio to better my stamina so this doesn’t happen again. 

FLDB: How was it riding with Anthony and Beau?

JL: It’s always fun to battle with them because we are all good riders and we ride together all the time.

FLDB: I have to ask this one question. The rider who won Junior B, Jake, he put a solid gap on you guys. Now last year you all seemed to beat him pretty regularly but he seemed super fast and smooth. Why do you think he did so good.

JL: He must have put in his work over summer, you can’t just get that fast overnight. 

FLDB: Definitely, who would you like to thank Jack?

JL: I would like to thank my parents for always having my bike ready, driving me to the races and just giving me the opportunity to race. I have to thank FTR as well for all the hard work they do in order for us to have the opportunity to race. 

FLDB: Thank you for your time.



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Track Review: Miami MX Park

miami mx


Kurt Lucas Skill Level – Intermediate

Located just a few miles west of the Florida Turnpike in Hialeah, FL Miami MX Park lies in the heart of South Florida. The track was built at an old campground thus providing the track with a unique layout. Lap times range from a 1:00-1:30 for the average rider as the track is very fast. The course is filled with small to medium size doubles as well as table tops which makes the course very beginner friendly. The course has some good size triples for the more advanced riders as well. The dirt is very hard packed which makes for slippery corners and jumps with some kickers. However, the track crew does an awesome job keeping some moisture in the corners which allows for some wicked ruts to form. There is also a peewee track on the property for the little ones as well as a

The wet dirt allows for some sweet ruts to form.

The wet dirt allows for some sweet ruts to form.

concrete building which allows spectators to see the entire track. – Kurt Lucas

Brandon Cunningham Skill Level – Intermediate


Miami MX Park is one of the few tracks in South Florida, if you count Okeechobee as “South Florida.” The track flows quite nicely with the help of many diverse sections including doubles, triples, table tops, and whoop sections. However the typical South Florida weather is very influential as rain could make this track very slippery. That doesn’t stop many people from all over to ride and even race at Miami MX Park. - Brandon Cunningham

Johnny Marinos Skill Level – Advanced

I personally love Miami MX, I like tracks that are tight and flow nice which is exactly what Miami is. It is also safe for all different types of riders which is great. Some people don’t like it for various reasons, such as the dust getting pretty bad but that’s part of the sport in my opinion. Also, the track owner and people around the track are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, great

Miami MX has a very unique track layout.

Miami MX has a very unique track layout.

place. - Johnny Marinos


KL – 7

BC – 7

JM – 8

OA = 22/3 = 7.33


Ride Chill; Company Bio

It started in 2009 and idea came to life in 2010 after a few ideas here and there. I was originally planning a snowboard gear company because with injuries and this and that I was off a bike for a bike and just kicking powder everywhere. After some thought I didnt know where to go with snowboard stuff and really didnt know too many other boarders in my area, and thought a motocross gear company would be my alley, I still knew a lot of people and had a starting point for promotion and getting the name out. So a few tee shirt designs later and finally a beginning simple gear design I was underway. Got a lot of great riders and great feedback the first year, the gear itself was a little weak in the knee and not design centered, so I put together a few more things and added some colorways and really started to take off. Soon, riders were coming to me for whatever they needed. Ive gotten emails from all over the world about getting gear and helping riders out, but without any sort of european distribution system in place its nearly impossible to help overseas riders out simply because of logistics. But knowing that people around the world know about the gear is amazing itself. There still are a few hiccups, as there is with everything in new companies, but I am working hard to keep designs fresh, simple and mainstream that work for the most amount of riders. I dont have the funds like some of these companies to create several gear lines and colorways and sponsor a ton of pro riders, but I do what I can to help out as many riders as I can! Still trying to grow, improve and help as many as possible!

Check out the latest gear and more info at http://ridechill.com

FTR HS 12 Dade City Twister Race Report

First off I would like to say thank you to everyone who came out and bid on the items I had set up to benefit the family of Evan Max. We raised just under $1600 dollars for the family.

Well it looks like the season is not quite over like many thought, nothing is official but it looks like we are going to Sumterville again as SEFTR is holding their race there with help from Big Scrub Trail Riders. Azalea City MC is also looking into holding their race at Gatorback in May, again nothing is official and as of now a couple different dates are being thrown around. Unfortunately with all the rain that has been hitting the panhandle Tallahassee Trail Riders was forced to cancel their race in Chipley.

Due to the fact that I was setting up my tent for the auction I was unable to head over to the peewee track and watch the little guys and girls race. So here are some results, Raymond Coburn would take the Peewee A win but the big story in that class was that Jimmy Moore, who suffered a broken arm last race, raced and came away with a third place finish! These little guys have a lot of heart and I give Jimmy props on riding with his arm all jacked up and in a brace. Wyatt Smyth took the win in Peewee B and the C class win went to Austin Bartlett. As for the Peewee Quads Dalton Sargant took the Super PW A win and the B win went to Riley Olsen, who would of finished third in A class by the way, so good rides by those two. In the Peewee Quad A and B classes the victories went to Cole Tucker (A) and Adam Rumisek (B), Adam was the only B rider to make five laps so props to him on his ride.

Josh Tolken would grab the holeshot in the Mini A class to kick off the start of the 12:15 Mini Race. Josh was having his best ride of the season as he was sitting in third behind Gage Hunter when is his bike quit on him. I don’t think I have ever been more bummed for a rider than I was saturday for Josh, he’s the nicest kid in the pits and he just hasn’t had much luck this season. Jesse Ansley would end up winning the Mini A class after squidding out in the second turn and hitting the dirt. Now, I cant express how pumped I am for Joe Gallo on his ride, I actually think I’m more pumped than he is. Joe Gallo not only came from almost a minute behind first to grab a win but he finished second overall! Jonathan Fitzgerald was checking out on the Mini B group the first lap but ran into some bike problems (finished 3rd) and then a four rider battle between Fitzgerald, Gallo, Wyatt Dreggors, and Jack Wilbur ensued. Wilbur began to fade and would eventually finish fourth, Fitzgerald’s bike only allowed him to ride so hard and Gallo and Dreggors began to check out. Dreggors would finish second and fourth overall! Joe Gallo would catch and pass third place Mini A rider Hunter “Catfish” RIch, who was also putting in a solid ride. Logan Lanier would win 65 A and finish 14th overall, Logan’s mother informed me that Logan along with Colin Nix and Conor Crory are all within three points of each other for the 65 A championship with either one, two, or possibly no races left on the schedule, Conor Crory is the current points leader. Floridadirtbike.net’s first official sponsored rider Wyatt Wilsey grabbed his first win aboard his YZ 85. Wyatt, who won the 65 C championship in 2011, hasn’t had the results he has been capable of on the bigger bike but I think his ride at Dade City ended all of that. Wyatt caught and passed Daniel Cyr, who has been dominating the Mini C class, on the third lap and held him off for the win. Gabriel Kennon would take the win in 65 B, he looked the best that I’ve seen all season, Cole Ryll and Aiden Klucinec would swap positions the entire race and Ryll would eventually hold off Klucinec for second. Simon Turner would take the win in 65 C ahead of Michael Appling. Alli Lamb would grab her first win of the season in 65 Girls and she had to be pumped about beating her old 65 Girls rival Kayla Cone, who was racing Mini Girls on her 85. Kayla would take the win in Mini Girls ahead of Katie Stoner and Caitlin Crory. This was Caitlin’s first race and she did very well beating a handful of riders and receiving her first battle wound with a cut under her eye, gotta love this sport! Lastly, Kya Dunkel put the hammer down and finished second in 65 Girls ahead of Alyssa Quenzer and Kirsten Klucinec.

Trevor McCabe would overall the 2PM race from the Sportsman 2 line, Joey Medina would finish second and Ryan Mieszczenski would round out the top three. Austin Rich would grab yet another win in the Junior A class with Mark Zerrusen finishing second place. Clay Lyons finished sixth overall and on top of the Evo A class with Cash Jacobs finishing second. Cody Thomas was battling for second with Cash but fell back quite a bit. When I asked him what happened he told me “My bike is allergic to water.” Jerry Curtis and Craig Wilder once again battled hard with Curtis just edging out Wilder at the end. Gabriel Rodriguez would take the Junior B win after checking out early, Jeremy Gagen and Jordan Leftwich were putting on a hard charge but just came up short on the leader. I was very happy to see Beau Smith finish fifth after a bad first lap, Beau has been very off and on this season and I think this was one of his better races. Billy Cassidy took home the win in Evo B, Billy was racing a CR 500 and I think he definitely benefited from the fast fields, good ride Billy! Kent Ashby was running a close second until stopped with Junior C rider Brandon Gallo who was down with a leg injury. Initial reports were that Gallo broke his femur but after visiting the hospital it was just a deep bruise so that is great news. Bradley Leachman would take the win in Junior C just ahead of Daniel Perez and Mikey “Meatsweats”Hague-Rodgers. Dario Mazzitelli took the Evo Senior B win but the battle was happening just one spot back where Scott Doerr just beat out Steve Harp by one second! Matt Esola took the win in Sportman 1, Haley Schell put in an excellent ride for the Junior Girls win, and Doug Robertson took home the Vintage win. Congratulations to Matt Hilton on his first career win in the Beginner class!

Cody Ellison would take the Quad overall finishing over three minutes ahead of second overall. Second and third overall came from the Quad A line as Michael Relyea and Domingo Fuentes were on the gas. Christian Schenker topped the B class and finished seventh overall, David Moeller finished second and 13th overall. I talked to Cody, Chris, and David after the race and they told me they went go-karting in Ocala after practice only to make it back 20 minutes before race time, talk about a wild day! Great ride by my buddy Dan Aitken who finished eighth overall and atop of the Quad 30+ class. James Sheer took the Quad Vet win and Michael Hubbard took the Quad Super Senior win by three seconds over Don Johnson. Robert Novak took the Quad Senior win and Steve Johnson took the win in Quad Master. Chad Kurtz took the win in Quad C Open just edging out Vito Vasconcelos by two seconds! Katie Swann grabbed a win in Quad Women, Rob Catterton III took the win in Quad Junior, and Danielle Hennessey added another win in the Quad 0-400 Class. Robert Loesel grabbed the Utility Open win and Heidi Strand took her ninth win of the year in Quad Women Vet.

Jon McCabe took the overall in the 12:30 AM Sunday race with Shaw Dunkel trailing behind for second overall. Jason Chambers just edged out Eric Berard for third overall, both riders finished second in their classes. George Edwards took home a win in the Super Senior A class, his shoulder is all torn up so I bet he liked that the track didn’t get too rough. Jerry Curtis went two for two this weekend after winning the Master A class, he had a little help from Mark Mannschreck after he suffered from bike problems. Top B rider was Joel Gregor from the Vet B class, he finished 22nd overall just ahead of Golden Master A rider Karl Taylor. Shawn Norton took the win in Senior B, Scott Lamb finished second even after running out of gas on the last lap. Greg Davis took the win in Class of 66, he finished 53rd overall and he had that YZ 125 rung out in those fields. Top C rider was George Paulsen from the Senior C class, he finished 62nd overall. Cheryl Myers won the Women Vet class and she was the fastest Women’s rider on the day beating both the A and B winners. Ashlee Applewhite took the win in Women A and Ramsey Henderson took the win in Women B.

In the Sunday 1PM race it was Garret Edmisten taking the overall victory thus making him 12 for 12 on the year. Clay Lyons would finish just over two minutes behind and Luke Parsons rounded out the top three. Luke had a scare on the line after his steering locked up on him when he pulled up, he took it over to Doug Harvey’s and he got it all fixed up with just a minute to spare. Dylan Rash was top amateur finishing fourth overall and on top of the A 250 line. Rich Wilkes took the win in the A Open class by passing Josh Hickey in the last mile, Delmi Molina finished a close third. Timothy Campbell put on a hard charge to take the win in A 200, Jake Paul led the majority of the race. Marty Hickey would pass Steve Loomis for the lead on the last lap to grab a win in the B Open class. Marty and Steve finished 11th and 12th overall. Riley Harris rode awesome to take home the B 200 win, Jett Ryll and Alex Rodriguez followed. Landon Lynn took the win in B 250, a three way battle was going on between Austin Marquez, Bryce Koster, and Lynn but both Marquez and Koster ran into trouble. Bryan Faby was your top C rider from the C Open class, Danny Hill grabbed his first C 250 victory of the season and Tyler Dalzell took the win in C 200.

Thank you for reading and feel free to e-mail me any questions, complaints, or concerns! floridadirtbike@gmail.com

Thanks, Kurt Lucas